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2016 Goal Setting

Goal setting is important for me to make my dreams happen.  Each year I plan ahead as to what I want to happen.  Today, I’m sharing my system and free printables with you.

Resolution Printables

First, take a look back at the last year.  What has worked and what hasn’t?  Consider setting some goals for 2016 based on what didn’t work for you in your life, your business, your relationships.

Write those goals on this printable:

Resolution Pg 1

Even more important than listing attainable goals is putting together a plan of action.  Print one of these pages for each goal that you have listed on the first sheet.

Resolutions Page 2

Then get to work!  For instance if one of your goals is to lose 10 pounds write out how you are going to obtain that goal:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water
  • Get gym membership
  • Commit to 3 workouts per week
  • Track meals in MyFitnessPal

Be sure to list a target date so that your goals aren’t open ended.  Ideally you want to re-evaluate your goals (and set new ones) every six months.  So I like to list my targets no further than 90 days out.

Good luck!  Here’s to a successful 2016!

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