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21st Birthday Survival Kit

Last year my youngest sister turned 21. As a surprise, my oldest sister, Veronica and I decided we wanted to pack her a ’21st birthday survival kit’ for the night of her birthday and also for the morning after. I shopped around for funny little trinkets and gifts to fill these boxes up and then we hot-glued little notes to each present to explain what each function the specific gifts had. It was super easy and inexpensive, we used travel size items for most of the gifts!

Moms of Tulsa 21st Birthday Survival Kit 3

Moms of Tulsa 21st Birthday Survival Kit

The Night of her 21st Birthday – Survival Kit:

VODKA – ‘Your 1st shot is on us! Happy birthday, sister!’

SOFIA – ‘Cheers to you! Officially 21!!’

GUM – ‘You’ll need it.. all of it.’

TIDE – ‘Because there might be a spill or two…’

LIP STICK – ‘Kiss me! I’m 21!’

GLOW BRACELETS – ‘Buddy system. Always travel in pairs & don’t EVER walk away from your drink.’

TATTOOS – ‘Just in case you get lost!’

FIRST AID KIT – ‘Just in case things get a little crazy… #safetyfirst’

ALMONDS – ‘Fuel for the night!’

DEODORANT – ‘You will want to reapply; trying to make it that last bar before 1:30 is hard work!’

KLEENEX – ‘You’ll cry, the good ones always do.’

SPARKLER CANDLES – ‘Happy birthday to you!’

BOYFRIEND BAR – ‘Just in case.’

CASH – ‘Because you’ll wan’t ‘just 1 more’ after you have been cut off.’

ALEVE – ‘Take 3 before bed.’

WATER – ‘Whatever you do… Drink a bottle or 3 before bed.’

Moms of Tulsa 21st Birthday Survival Kit 2

The Morning After her 21st Birthday – Survival Kit:

QUARTER – ‘Start collecting these. Every-time you say the words ‘I’m never drinking again.” You will be rich by the time you’re 30!

VODKA – ‘Hair of the dog…’

TYLENOL – ‘Ouch!’

MOUTHWASH – ‘Trust me you need it.’

OATMEAL – ‘Gotta get some nutrition.’

MAKE-UP REMOVER – ‘You look like a hot mess.’


VISINE – ‘Because you will need clear eyessss!’

STARBUCKS GIFT CARD – ‘Two words: Strong Coffee.’

SLEEP MASK – ‘See you tomorrow! Zzzzz.’

She and her friends loved this gift! She was so excited opening and reading all the notes. These survival kits would be so easy to re-create for someone who is having a birthday, graduating college, etc!

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