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Behavior System with Free Printable Chart

Towards the end of the summer my kids started fighting like crazy, arguing back, and with mama starting a new business I needed some help…and quick.  My friend Whitney English posted about her solution for the misbehavior with sticks.  I came up with a similar behavior system that would work best for our family and I am sharing it with you (including a printable chart that you can edit in Microsoft Word).

Behavior System

My kids do best when there is a little bit of encouragement.  So, I came up with the idea of a chip system (we used poker chips).  These chips they would receive for good behavior and different chores around the house.  The chips can also be taken away for bad behavior.  The kids need chips in order to do the things that they want to do — play the iPad, have a play date with a friend, being able to cash them in and buy a toy from the store.

Below is a list of our own personal chart.  You can download the printable chart at the bottom of the post:

– Clean up your room (2 chips)
– Brush your teeth morning & night (2 chips)
– Clean up your toys (2 chips)
– Clear your dishes (2 chips)
– Ready for bed on time (2 chips)
– Good behavior at school – above green (2 chips)
– Doing homework (2 chips)
– Using please & thank you (1 chip)
– Doing things the first time (1 chip)
– Being kind to others (2 chips)

– Tantrum (4 chips + Time Out)
– Hitting (4 chips + Time Out)
– Arguing (2 chips)
– Interrupting (2 chips)
– Bad behavior at school – below green (3 chips)
– Using bad language (3 chips)

Cash them in:
– One Netflix episode (5 chips)- 30 minutes of Minecraft (5 chips)
– 30 minutes on the iPad (5 chips)
– Play date with a friend (10 chips)
– Fun outing with the family (10 chips)
– Playing outside (5 chips)
– Trade in for cash (10 chips = 1 dollar)

Please download the behavior chart via the link below and edit in Microsft Word:


* You can find the mason jars and the slotted tops on Amazon

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