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Welcome summer and embrace the joie de vivre with a French-inspired picnic! The ambiance of your meal is just as important as the portable provisions, so a bit of planning is required to elevate your soiree from basic to elegant. The French practically invented picnicking and everyone loves a good theme. Recreate the dining al fresco experience amidst the Jardin des Champs-Elysees in your own backyard. From what to wear, to who to invite and what to pack, this is your ultimate guide to a tres chic French Market Picnic.

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My best girl, Jenny and I put together a mint and coral gender reveal for my sister who is pregnant with baby number 4! My sister, Veronica decided that since this is her last child, she wanted to find out as a family what gender the baby was going to be. Jenny and I put our heads together over lunch and voila! a party was born! We decided we wanted to go with the colors coral and mint instead of the traditional pink and blue. We only had a couple weeks to plan but I think we hit it out of the park! Veronica and her family were thrilled and I am so glad we got to help celebrate with them!

Moms of Tulsa Mint + Coral Gender Reveal 1

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I can’t believe we are already thinking about teacher appreciation gifts. Summer is going to be here before we know it! I am sure you have heard about the new Trader Joe’s that opened last month; I love running in there and grabbing their cookie butter, fresh flowers, etc. This easy and inexpensive teacher appreciation gift is a great option for busy families and Moms, like myself!

I had a friend grab me a couple extra jars of so I could do this. I have 3 kids (with one on the way!) that have at least 2-4 teachers each so teacher appreciation gifts need to be affordable and easy – because, that’s a lot of teachers!

These Earth Day Cookies are so easy and fun to make! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with cookies! Yummy!

Earth Day Cookies 1We went the easy route and bought store bought cookie mix. Follow the cooking instructions on the back of the bag.  Or you can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Earth Day Cookies 2

Mix cookie dough, then separate into two separate bowls. Add about 20 drops of food coloring into each bowl then mix with a spoon. The darker the dough the better so the color does not fade when cooking.

Earth Day Cookiedough prep Grab a little bit of dough from each color and roll into a ball. If the mixture is too sticky, add a few tablespoons of cooking flour so its not sticky. You can also put powder on your hands.

Earth Day Cookies 4After balls are formed place on cookie sheet. Bake cookies according to package details. We baked ours at 375 for 9 minutes. Let Cool and Enjoy! Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Cookies 5


  • Cookie Mix ( look at back package for added ingredients)
  • Blue and Green Food Coloring
  • Flour (optional )


  1. Mix cookie dough as instructed on package
  2. Separate dough into two bowls
  3. Add 20 drops of food coloring to each bowl, mix.
  4. Combine blue and green dough a little at a time, then roll into small balls.
  5. Place on cookie sheet.
  6. Bake as instructed on package.
  7. Let cool and ENJOY!