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One of my favorite things when it comes to Valentine’s day is all the fun heart shape treats that come out during this holiday. I am a sucker for heart shape everything and lots of pink and red. I love making different treats to give out as gifts too! Today I am sharing a fun and super simple Valentine Day Trail Mix gift idea that would be perfect for a teacher or even your next door neighbor.


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Bath bombs are everything right now in our house. Not only does my daughter (and nieces) enjoy them, us Mamas do too! It is so nice after a long day to hop in a hot bath, drop a bath bomb in, enjoy the aroma and get a couple free minutes to relax. If you haven’t tried one, you seriously are missing out! You need to run to the nearest store, gather up the ingredients and treat yo’self. Buying bath bombs can get expensive and when you have little ones that enjoy them as well, this is an easy and inexpensive alternative. A few of us Mom’s of Tulsa girls got together for a Sunday playdate last weekend and while our kids played, the Moms made some DIY bath bombs! This is an easy DIY recipe and a fun activity that your kids can be involved in too… all of our kiddos were just too preoccupied enjoying one another and running around, to stop and help. Not only are bath bombs fun to use, they are great to give as gifts to friends, teachers and relatives!DIY Bath Bombs

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Veronica Beeler
Veronica Beeler is a sister to 4, momma to 3, teacher to 2, and wife to 1. She has
a love for home decor, shifting furniture, crafting, and kids. She collects globes and couches, yep, you
read that right, couches! The old, smelly, well loved ones are the best. She homeschools.
She spends her weekends with her sister catching up on chores, planning events, doing/building projects,
running all over Tulsa with their bambinos.


 Today she is sharing with us her family’s Valentine tradition!


 We all like to be told that we are loved, and it’s even more excellent to be told specific reasons why we are loved!  A few years ago, I started a Valentine tradition with my kiddos that the whole family enjoys.

Love Mail

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