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These cute Watermelon Tea Towels will add summer fun to any kitchen!  I love keeping it simple with tumble dry tie dye! Simply spray your items of choice and throw in the dryer and you are ready to go!

Moms of Tulsa Watermelon 1

Supplies Needed:

  • Flour Sack Towels
  • Tumble Dye paint
  • Black fabric paint pen or black fabric paint with paint brush
  • Twine or rubber bands
  •  Scissors

Moms of Tulsa Watermelon 2

Lay the tea towel out and pick it up from the center and let the edges fall. Gather the bottom and tie off with twine or rubber bands. This will create the white gap from where the green top and pink bottom will be sprayed.

Moms of Tulsa Watermelon 3As you spray make sure you pull open the creases and pull out the white inside that needs to be sprayed. Open and spray in all the creases.

Moms of Tulsa Watermelon 4After Finishing the bottom move to the top and start to spray the green. Make sure you hold the pink away from the green so the colors don’t blend together. Spray in all the creases like you did with the pink.

Moms of Tulsa Watermelon 5After you are done spraying all your color, follow the directions on how to dry on the back of the bottle. Most say to air dry for 30 minutes then throw in the dryer on high for 30 minute to set the colors. Once dry, I ironed all the wrinkle out. Lay out flat then use the black fabric paint pen to add your seeds. There is no rhyme or rhythm to this…add as many or as little as you like till you are satisfied with your look of your watermelon.

Moms of Tulsa Watermelon 6

Are you guilty of not drinking enough water, like me? The health benefits of intaking plenty of water are without question. To make the task a bit more fun and pretty too, simply freeze bits of your favorite fruits and herbs inside ice cubes! Keep a tray on hand to add to your glass for a subtle infused flavor and aroma. Not only will you be adding interest, but you’ll be jazzing up your H2O with detox, immune-boosting and other beneficial qualities. Citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit, lime, etc) and berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries) are great. Mint, sage, basil and rosemary are lovely herb choices. Trust me, your children will get a kick out of the bright colors, textures and flavor as well!


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Happy Spring! With Easter just a few days away and warmer temps in the forecast, you’re likely feeling the urge to do some Spring cleaning and looking for ways to freshen up your home. If you’re like me, you’re inspired to make a few seasonal decor changes as well. Introducing greenery and flowers are an inexpensive and easy way to bring the outside in. Whether real or a quality fake, foliage adds life and happiness to your home and complements any design aesthetic. Fresh plants are dreamy, but unless your thumb is a lovely shade of green, they can be daunting. My solution is to invest in both preserved and realistic-looking artificial greenery, then supplement with the occasional plant and fresh cut blooms. Don’t know where to start? Take a cue from America’s new sweetheart, Joanna Gaines. Yes, the charming, relatable, lovable gal who’s married to Chip and taking the nation by storm with the addictive hit Fixer Upper. Even if you wouldn’t describe your style as “farmhouse” or “shabby chic” chances are you adore her and can appreciate her tasteful approach to accessorizing. When it comes to styling with natural elements, Joanna emphasizes simple varieties and neutral flowers (usually white). Here’s a list of classic and timeless greenery and blooms inspired by Joanna Gaines.momsoftulsagreeneryandbloomsinspredbyjoannagaines1View full post »