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Summer is approaching quickly and I am always on the hunt for the best sunscreen for my little lady to use. Along with swimming almost everyday, lake visits, splash pad play, we also try to go to the beach once a year and keeping her skin soft and burn-free is extremely important to me. A couple of years ago I would have just grabbed whatever sunscreen was cheapest on the shelf but I am really trying to be more conscientious of what I put on our bodies. I really love the THINK DIRTY APP. Using this app, you can scan your sunscreen, lotion, bug spray, etc to see how safe they actually are. The majority of sunscreens that you find at your local grocery or drug store are usually full of questionable ingredients and known carcinogens. I am not saying that I won’t use whatever is offered if I have forgotten to apply but I do try and use what is best for both her and me.  Below is a list of the best, safest and most pure sunscreens on the market for kids:

Moms of Tulsa Best Sunscreen for Kids


What is your favorite natural sunscreen that you use on your little ones?

Do you love to fill your home with meaningful artwork? Here, Melissa Click has rounded up five unique custom portraits and artwork, handmade by incredibly talented artists! These custom paintings, portraits and sketches are gorgeous alternatives and additions to the photographs which grace your decor and fill your home with life.  Not only are they amazingly beautiful, but they are heirloom keepsakes your family will forever treasure. Consider ordering one as a thoughtful gift for someone special or to showcase on your next holiday card. Once converted to a digital file, they even serve as unique and eye-catching avatar for social media platforms!

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Each year as the cooler weather rolls in, I put away many of my summer clothing items to make room for my thick, cozy sweaters, puffer vests and scarf collection.   Not all my summer items find a new home for the winter. I like to keep several in my closet to help maximize my winter pieces. One of my favorites to keep around — the denim vest.

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This holiday season, shop small and support our local community! Tulsa is brimming with creative talent offering unique, locally crafted goods, sure to please everyone on your Christmas list. I, Melissa Click, am sharing a selection of thoughtful, Made in Tulsa gift ideas and tips on where to find them. So grab your best shopping buddy, plot a route with this guide and hit the town!

PS Don’t miss the incredible GIVEAWAY below!

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