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Fall is one of my very favorite times of the year. I love watching the leaves change colors, sipping warm drinks, the holidays that bring my family close and Fall Fashion. I get so excited about dressing for cooler weather. This season it is ALL about the plaid, especially these beautiful plaid blanket scarves you are seeing everywhere.

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My friends are going to get a good laugh out of this post coming from me. Let me tell you, my car is a total pit 95% of the time, but I can’t imagine what it would look like if didn’t have a few tricks and tips up my sleeve for a summer ready car. Most of these tips and tricks can be implemented throughout the entire year or switched out per season, but they are a complete lifesaver for me and my family.

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I do not come from a family of collectors.  We have very few “family items” that have been passed down throughout the years.  Unfortunately, that has turned me into a master collector and I want to save everything!   I want my kids to have items with stories and prized possessions or collections to pass on to their kids for generations upon generations.  Call me crazy, but I love items with a story.Moms of Tulsa Shadow Box

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