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Welcome summer and embrace the joie de vivre with a French-inspired picnic! The ambiance of your meal is just as important as the portable provisions, so a bit of planning is required to elevate your soiree from basic to elegant. The French practically invented picnicking and everyone loves a good theme. Recreate the dining al fresco experience amidst the Jardin des Champs-Elysees in your own backyard. From what to wear, to who to invite and what to pack, this is your ultimate guide to a tres chic French Market Picnic.

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Happy Spring! With Easter just a few days away and warmer temps in the forecast, you’re likely feeling the urge to do some Spring cleaning and looking for ways to freshen up your home. If you’re like me, you’re inspired to make a few seasonal decor changes as well. Introducing greenery and flowers are an inexpensive and easy way to bring the outside in. Whether real or a quality fake, foliage adds life and happiness to your home and complements any design aesthetic. Fresh plants are dreamy, but unless your thumb is a lovely shade of green, they can be daunting. My solution is to invest in both preserved and realistic-looking artificial greenery, then supplement with the occasional plant and fresh cut blooms. Don’t know where to start? Take a cue from America’s new sweetheart, Joanna Gaines. Yes, the charming, relatable, lovable gal who’s married to Chip and taking the nation by storm with the addictive hit Fixer Upper. Even if you wouldn’t describe your style as “farmhouse” or “shabby chic” chances are you adore her and can appreciate her tasteful approach to accessorizing. When it comes to styling with natural elements, Joanna emphasizes simple varieties and neutral flowers (usually white). Here’s a list of classic and timeless greenery and blooms inspired by Joanna Gaines.momsoftulsagreeneryandbloomsinspredbyjoannagaines1View full post »

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Hi, I’m Madison Vining. I’m a photographer & blogger here in Tulsa, and I love all things adventurous, trips to Target, eating mashed potatoes, essential oils, foster care & adoption, and I am an aspiring country girl. My husband, 4 kiddos & I currently live in South Tulsa but are in the process of moving onto acreage and taking a stab at the simple life.

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I do not come from a family of collectors.  We have very few “family items” that have been passed down throughout the years.  Unfortunately, that has turned me into a master collector and I want to save everything!   I want my kids to have items with stories and prized possessions or collections to pass on to their kids for generations upon generations.  Call me crazy, but I love items with a story.Moms of Tulsa Shadow Box

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