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Chalk Activities

Chalk Activities are a fun summer activity to get the kids outside! Grab the chalk and let your imagination and fun begin!

Moms of Tulsa Chalk Activities 1Keep the kids busy hunting for special treasures to fill in the “can you find” chalk activity bubbles.

Moms of Tulsa Chalk Art Activity 2Take hopscotch to a whole new level with adventure hopscotch! Have fun wiggling, twirling, stomping and roaring your way through a fun day of hopscotch!

Courtnay Grider Courtnay Grider (7 Posts)

Courtnay Grider loves being a mother and wife. When she's not working at a local non profit she loves making up and enjoying fun activities with her 4 year old daughter! She enjoys putting her own twist on crafts and recipes to make them simple and enjoyable enough that even the non-crafter and baker will love to do! She's loves discovering new and fun things to do around Tulsa and surrounding areas!