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Creating an art station

My kids, ages 4 and 6 (next week), could color and create all day long.  I set up this space in our home so that they have constant access to art supplies and it keeps the mess to a small table instead of dozens of toys strewn about the house.  Today, I wanted to share some tips on creating an art station in your own home.

how to create an art station

Your art storage can be anything from a basket to a tiered rolling tray.   I prefer the tray as it contains a bit of the mess and my kids end up putting things back exactly where they came from.  The supplies we keep on hand are:


Crayons (not pictured here but in a gallon jar sitting on our dining nook table).

Paintbrush Markers

– Stamp Sets (we have the princess and the animal sets)



Glue and Glue Sticks

Googly Eyes

Washi Tape (they also love just Scotch tape)

Pom Poms and pipe cleaners are also a fun accessory to have as well!


Coloring Books

Activity Books

Creating an art stationCreating an art station

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