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Custom Portraits and Artwork

Do you love to fill your home with meaningful artwork? Here, Melissa Click has rounded up five unique custom portraits and artwork, handmade by incredibly talented artists! These custom paintings, portraits and sketches are gorgeous alternatives and additions to the photographs which grace your decor and fill your home with life.  Not only are they amazingly beautiful, but they are heirloom keepsakes your family will forever treasure. Consider ordering one as a thoughtful gift for someone special or to showcase on your next holiday card. Once converted to a digital file, they even serve as unique and eye-catching avatar for social media platforms!

moms of tulsa custom portraits and artwork1

moms of tulsa custom portraits and artwork2

Sophie and Lili, Custom Watercolor Portraits

moms of tulsa custom portraits and artwork3

Brittani Rose Paper, Custom Paper Family Portrait

moms of tulsa custom portraits and artwork4

Cut Arts by Karl Johnson, Custom Hand Cut Paper Silhouette

moms of tulsa custom portraits and artwork5

The Wells Makery, Custom Watercolor Illustration

moms of tulsa custom portraits and artwork6

Design Roots, Custom House Sketch

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