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DIY Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are everything right now in our house. Not only does my daughter (and nieces) enjoy them, us Mamas do too! It is so nice after a long day to hop in a hot bath, drop a bath bomb in, enjoy the aroma and get a couple free minutes to relax. If you haven’t tried one, you seriously are missing out! You need to run to the nearest store, gather up the ingredients and treat yo’self. Buying bath bombs can get expensive and when you have little ones that enjoy them as well, this is an easy and inexpensive alternative. A few of us Mom’s of Tulsa girls got together for a Sunday playdate last weekend and while our kids played, the Moms made some DIY bath bombs! This is an easy DIY recipe and a fun activity that your kids can be involved in too… all of our kiddos were just too preoccupied enjoying one another and running around, to stop and help. Not only are bath bombs fun to use, they are great to give as gifts to friends, teachers and relatives!DIY Bath Bombs

The supplies needed for this DIY bath bomb recipe is as follows:

— 1/2 cup of Citric acid

— 2 1/2 cups of Baking Soda

— 1/2 cup of Corn Starch

— 1 cup of Epsom Salt (Fine grain) *NOT PICTURED*

— 3 TBS of Olive Oil (could substitute Jojoba Oil or Almond Oil.)

— 10 drops of Young Living Essential Oils (We used Young Living’s Lavender) *please do your own research on essential oils before using on yourself or your family members. also, please use the advice of a qualified healthcare physician when making your health decisions. we use Young Living because of the health benefits we have seen in our families.

— 1-3 drops of Food Coloring *too much will stain the bathtub, so please use with caution.

Fine Glitter *we used pink because we wanted to do them Valentine’s theme’d.

— Mixing Bowl

— Whisk

Silicon Mold (The thicker the mold the better to allow better packing.)DIY Bath Bombs 1


Mix citric acid, corn starch, baking soda, and Epsom salt.DIY Bath Bombs 2DIY Bath Bombs 3DIY Bath Bombs 4DIY Bath Bombs 5DIY Bath Bombs 6DIY Bath Bombs 7Add the oil drop-by-drop to reduce “clumping”. (In other words, don’t pour it all in at once.)DIY Bath Bombs 8Mix well with whisk while adding in oil. Add essential oils and food coloring (this step is optional).DIY Bath Bombs 9

Add glitter to the mold before you add the mixture. Just a few sprinkles per mold will do the trick. It’s more for looks than anything.DIY Bath Bombs 14

Scoop the mixture into the silicon mold and pack it down tightly.DIY Bath Bombs 15DIY Bath Bombs 17DIY Bath Bombs 12DIY Bath Bombs 13Let molds dry overnight (or for about 12 hours).

After the molds are dry, pop out gently or turn the mold over on parchment paper and gently tap the bath bombs out.DIY Bath Bombs 18DIY Bath Bombs 19Put your kids to bed, warm your bath, pop one in and enjoy!

**If you aren’t sure you want to tackle making your own, you can purchase bath bombs here. // If you would like to receive more information about Young Living to become a distributor or to purchase their products, please contact Jenny Collier.

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