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DIY Crayon Heart Valentines

We all have extra pieces of broken crayons laying around, well, everywhere. Here is a fun and easy DIY Crayon Heart Valentine idea for those class and daycare parties made by reusing those broken crayons.

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First you’ll want to peel off any remaining paper wrapper and break the crayons into small pieces if they aren’t already. Then, divide them into similar color schemes in your mold. I used the Wilton Silicone baking molds that I found at Michaels. Remember, once you use these molds, they’re unsuitable for food or candy making. I found that the cheaper off-brand crayons leave a waxy residue when melted, so I recommend using Crayola Brand. I also sprinkled a little white and silver glitter in the mold before putting the crayons in and then a little on top just to add some fun shimmer. This is totally optional! Overfill your molds a little since they’ll be melting down if you’d like a thicker crayon.

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Then set the mold on a cookie sheet and put it in the over at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 minutes. After taking them out, they will be a scalding hot liquid, so set the cookie sheet aside for about 20-30 minutes to cool completely.

Once cooled, lay some foil down on another cookie sheet and flip the mold over and push the crayons out onto it and let them cool just a little while longer if needed.

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For the backing use a large 3 1/2 inch circle paper punch to create the kraft paper card the crayons will attach to. I then used a stamp kit to customize the valentines. Next, use a hot glue gun to attach the crayons to the Kraft paper backing and let them set out overnight to adhere completely.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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