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DIY No Sew Name Tags

These adorable and affordable DIY no sew name tags are perfect for upcoming holiday parties!

Moms of Tulsa DIY No Sew Name Tag

Supplies needed:

— 2 different fabrics

— 1 canvas fabric

— Hot glue gun

— Hot glue

Safety Pin w/ Flat Back

— Sharpie

— Scissors

— Felt Embellishment (optional)

Moms of Tulsa DIY No Sew Name Tag 1


Cut the first fabric that you have deemed your ‘background fabric’ in a large rectangle. Cut the ‘middle fabric’ in a medium size rectangle. Cut the canvas in 2 small rectangles (1 will be for the back of the tag – the other piece of canvas is for the name).

Moms of Tulsa DIY No Sew Name Tag 3

Place a horizontal line of hot glue on the small canvas rectangle.

Moms of Tulsa DIY No Sew Name Tag 2

Attach the large rectangle (the ‘background fabric’) on the canvas that you just put the hot glue on. Pinch the fabric creating messy pleats until you reach the end of the rectangle. Put a line of hot glue on the middle of the pleated fabric — just as before. Repeat the pinching process.

Write the guest’s name in sharpie on the 2nd canvas fabric you previously cut. Put a thin layer of hot glue on the back of the canvas fabric and attach it to the top pleated layer. Add felt embellishments (optional).

Add the flat back safety pin with hot glue to the back of the name tag.


Add the name tag to your shirt and enjoy the party!

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