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DIY Rainbow Jar

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, and who doesn’t love rainbows?  I love them and so do my kids, so we decided to make our own rainbow in a mason jar.  Actually, a rainbow in a mason jar is almost perfection! This DIY rainbow jar is a super fun and easy activity for kids of all ages!Rainbow Jar 1

The supplies needed are found in every home so there is no trip to the store for this one!

— Food Coloring

— Mason Jar (or any glass)

— Honey

— Corn Syrup

— Dish Soap

— Water

— Vegetable Oil

— Rubbing Alcohol

— Small containers for mixing liquid with the food coloring

— Spoon

— Dropper

As a past science teacher, I enjoy teaching the kids about science and how things work.  I decided to do a lesson over diffusion, density and colors. My kids are 5 and 10 so we went in depth with the experiment.  You do not “have to” make it a lesson, it’s seriously cool without all the information too!

First, we discussed the colors of the rainbow, ROY G BIV, an acronym for the hues commonly described as making up the colors of the rainbow; red orange yellow green blue indigo violet.  Second, we learned about diffusion, the spreading of particles (the food coloring)  from an area of high concentration, to an area of low concentration (into the water, corn syrup and alcohol). We watched the cloud of color spread.  Next, we discussed density. Density is the mass per unit volume (the weight of a liquid). The layers of different liquids occur because each liquid has a different density.  We made a hypothesis about which liquid would be the heaviest and which would be the lightest.  

*As you pour you liquids in the jar, make certain they pour directly in the CENTER of the jar without spilling down the insides of the jar!  

1. Pour in the honey.
2. Mix 1 drop of red and 1 drop of blue food coloring into the corn syrup to make purple corn syrup, and pour over honey.
3. Pour in dish soap.Rainbow Jar 24. Add green food coloring into the water (or blue if your dish soap was green) and pour.Rainbow Jar 4
Rainbow Jar 3 5. Pour in vegetable oil.
6. Add red food coloring to the rubbing alcohol and pour into the jar using the DROPPER, dropping it down the edge of the jar and letting it trickle in, NOT the center, like the others! Rainbow Jar 57. Place it in the light so you can better distinguish the beautiful colors. Yay!!!
*There may be some bubbling and mixing as you go, but the layers will separate shortly.  Do not shake the jar because the colors will not separate like it was originally.   Rainbow Jar 6

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