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DIY Shadow Box

I do not come from a family of collectors.  We have very few “family items” that have been passed down throughout the years.  Unfortunately, that has turned me into a master collector and I want to save everything!   I want my kids to have items with stories and prized possessions or collections to pass on to their kids for generations upon generations.  Call me crazy, but I love items with a story.Moms of Tulsa Shadow Box

One thing my family has passed down, is the tradition of keeping the first pair of shoes for each child and a tiny baby ring, which I have attached to the shoes.Moms of Tulsa Shadow Box 4

With these shoes and rings, I have created a shadow box frame made of a collection of their baby items, and a baby picture for each of my children; a small vignette representing my babies.  They are very cute and layered with memories, each very different.
Moms of Tulsa Shadow Box 3
I bought my shadow box frames from Hobby Lobby, some extra sewing pins and gathered items for each child that really resembled their babyhood.  I used fabric from ones bedding, ones going home from the hospital outfit, handprints and footprints, tiny jewelry, hospital bracelets, important toys, pacifiers, etc. and a baby picture.  Be creative!
Moms of Tulsa Shadow Box 2
 I think these are such a fun way to show each child a little glimpse into their lives as babies. I stop and look at them frequently, which brings a smile to my face and helps me slow down and really remember the new mom moments that I never want to forget.  In the future, I plan to create one for all of my immediate family members to hang on my gallery wall of our family history.
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