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Donut Birthday Party

In October my sweet niece turned 2 years old. My sister, Veronica and I went all out for her first birthday so this year she wanted to keep it pretty simple and sweet with a donut themed birthday party for family and a handful of close friends. We threw this party together in just a few short days but it turned out adorable! This party proves you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an event to make it special!

Moms of Tulsa Donut Party My sister invited the party guests to come over at 9:30 AM to celebrate Cecilee, so what’s better than a donut party in the morning? Donuts are really inexpensive, easy and cute so this was a pretty simple theme to work with! Between the two of us, we pretty much have a party closet so we hardly ever need to go out and buy anything for parties. We used the glass hurricane vases in a previous party, and we thought we could use them again here!

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Veronica grabbed a box cake mix and made a donut shaped cake using a bundt cake pan and then drizzled icing and sprinkles on it. We bought a paper mache number 2 from Hobby Lobby, sprayed adhesive glue on it and then sprinkled sprinkles on it.

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Moms of Tulsa Donut Party 3On the drink station, we served orange juice, milk & coffee. Easy, inexpensive and it went with the breakfast theme.

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We finished the party with cake, presents and kisses for the birthday girl. Cecilee is such a sweet, kind, funny, and smart little lady and I am so happy we got to celebrate her.

Moms of Tulsa Donut Party 10Moms of Tulsa Donut Party 12Moms of Tulsa Donut Party 11Local Vendors:

Styling + Event Planning : Veronica Beeler + Ally Hess

Donuts : Daylight Donuts

Flowers : Whole Foods Tulsa

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