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Dr. Seuss Pop A Letter Game

One of our favorite authors is Dr. Seuss. His books are hilarious, fun, and I’m usually giggling trying to make it to the end of the book. Some of those words are hard to pronounce, example: “ham-ikka-schnim-ikka-schnam-ikka-schnopp!” March 2, 1904 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and we love to celebrate him every year. Celebrating his birthday is a fun way to incorporate some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books into the day. We enjoy making “Green Eggs and Ham” for breakfast and wearing silly ‘Cat in the Hat’ hats during dinner. Now that my daughter is old enough to recognize words and letters, we have started a new learning tradition that will most certainly be used for other lessons (ie: math skills, rhyming, learning sight words, etc). This Dr. Seuss inspired game ‘Pop a Letter’ is a fun way to celebrate and is a great learning tool, too. This game will be sure to POP the interests of your little ones!

You can easily adjust the difficulty depending on your child and their skills. Don’t make it too hard, it’s suppose to be fun for the both of you. Warning: this game is loud!Pop the Balloon 1Supplies Needed:
— Foam Poster Board (I bought mine from the Dollar Tree)


— Permanent Marker

— Favorite Dr. Seuss Book – We used, ABC Book

— Tape

— Push Pin

— Balloon Filler (optional – I used Starburst and plastic gold coins)Pop the Balloon 4Simply blow up the balloons. I filled a couple of my balloons with plastic gold coins and candy, which kept my little one engaged. She was excited when a treasure fell out!Pop the Balloon 6

Write the words/letters with a permanent marker on the balloon. Tape balloons on foam board. I did not tape the letters in alphabetical order, I wanted her to challenge her to find the letters.balloon

Read the Dr. Seuss book aloud, when you come to a letter/word that you have written down on the balloon, your child will pop the balloon. For example, when you read the word “POP” your child will find the balloon labeled “POP” and pop it. OR when you come to the letter ‘D’ (if you’re using the ABC book) your child will find the balloon labeled ‘D’ and pop it.Pop the Balloon 3Continue reading and popping the appropriate balloons until all the balloons are popped and the book is finished!popPop the Balloon 7Pop the Ballon 6

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