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Easter Egg Alphabet Match

We are loving everything involving letters right now in my house. My daughter loves to write her name and to practice her letters. I previously wrote about the ‘pop-a-letter’ game, you can find the details, here. This Easter egg alphabet matching game is another great way to practice learning both lowercase and capital letters!

Remember, you can easily adjust the difficulty level depending on your child’s skills.MomSupplies Needed:

— 26 Plastic Easter Eggs

— Uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z printed/or written on computer paper
You will have 52 letters.

— 2 clear shallow boxes / I used plastic drawers that I had.

— Scissors

— Tape


Simply type the lower case and capital letters from A to Z on Microsoft Word and print them … (or write them by hand). Cut out the letters.Mom

Tape the letters on each side of the plastic egg. The lowercase letter should be on one side of the egg and the capital letters should be on the other half of the egg. | TIP: You can adjust the difficulty by switching up the colors of the eggs. Example: You can put a capital ‘A’ on a pink top and a lowercase ‘a’ on an orange bottom.Mom

Have your child match the letters accordingly. | TIP: You can switch it up by putting the eggs in one basket and having your child look through both lowercase and uppercase letters. The first time we did this game, I separated the lowercase eggs and the uppercase eggs in different baskets. After a few times of playing, I decided to mix the two to make it a little harder.MomMomMom

Voolia… learning and fun, wrapped into one!Mom

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