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I scream, you scream…we all scream for authentic Italian GELATO!!! It happens EVERY winter. The weathermen start talking about chances for snow and my hibernation mode kicks into must eat all of the ice cream mode! I am sure there are scientific studies somewhere connecting snow to ice cream in our brains, but until they scientifically find a solution, I will just keep heading the call.



Tulsa just happens to have the best gelato place, STG. And seriously you guys, I CANNOT. Not only do I know something deliciously sweet when I try it (oh donuts how I love/loathe/LOAVE thee), but I also sort of know gelato! Back before I was a mom, I was a full time nanny. You know, children actually listened to me because I didn’t have my mom card yet, anyways…that gave me the awesome opportunity to travel (for work!) to Florence Italy. While I was there I devoured enjoyed authentic Italian gelato. And now x-amount of years later, I can finally devour (ahem!) enjoy authentic Italian gelato right here in good ol’ Tulsa Oklahoma! Cures my winter blues, takes me back to Italy for a moment, and makes for the perfect stop for an after-school date with my little.

STG is locally owned by Andolini’s Pizzeria. Though I probably sound biased since it is our favorite local place to grab pizza, these guys seriously know pizza AND now gelato too. They not only get it, but they share it with us, how awesome is that?! You know what’s even more awesome, they combined the two. No, not pizza flavored gelato silly, authentic Italian pizza AND gelato! The Italian Gods rejoice for Tulsa right this very second…ahhhh-men. They have two amazing Tulsa locations. 1) Downtown Tulsa STG Pizzeria & Gelateria: for those times you are in a lets grab something quick yet delicious to eat, then get a frozen treat after mode, or 2) Gelateria STG at The Farm Shopping Center: for that must get myself and the children out of this cave, lets go somewhere bright and happy now mode! Both locations offer their “true-to-Italian-tradition, made fresh in small batches daily in a centuries-old process gelato,” and that makes this ice cream in the winter kind of cavewoman momma all sorts of happy!

But seriously you guys, do not just take my word for it. Get out of the house this winter, stop in and try every single flavor on the adorable little gelato spoons until you find your flavor (mine MIGHT be Panna Cotta), then try not to lick the bowl when you are done (go ahead though, judge free zone here!), and leave thinking, “She was right! I hate it when she is right!!” Yay for a little piece of Italy in our own back yard! Less jet lag and more gelato…Ciao y’all!!


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