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Gender Neutral Nursery … for Twins!


I have three and a half year old twins and this week is the week we removed their cribs from their room. Yep, they did awesome in cribs…for three and a half years. They do great at bedtime, sleep straight for twelve hours. Naps are iffy. They were always great nap-takers, but the older they get, it just depends on the day. Some weeks they will nap every single day and some weeks they will throw their stuffed animals back and forth to one another and see who can stand on their head for the longest amount of time. Needless to say, those weeks I do a lot of watching the monitor.

Well, Knox climbed out a few times before Christmas then after he told us he wasn’t going to do it anymore because Santa came, haha. Then, he did it randomly one morning. Sloane was scared of falling, but he finally showed her and she did it. Downhill, if you will, from there. Or actually down crib because they spent most of their nap times for the past few weeks,  jumping out of their cribs…for a game.

So, things are changing around here. It’s definitely bittersweet. I know they are toddlers now, but removing the cribs, that is an official step. Now, the “big kid” room planning takes place.

I wanted to share our nursery before it’s all changed up! This is actually the nursery in our first house, in 2011, but we basically copied it in our current house…I just never took pics!

A few things:

  • I did a second post, here, on my blog, that shares details about where I got most items!
  • I was pretty close to popping in these pictures 😉
  • We ended up getting a glider because the rocker pictured was terrible. It rocked right back into the wall. We did keep it though so we could each have a chair..and a baby!
  • The doggie pictured, Elton, was our first baby. He loved the twins’ nursery, but didn’t so much care for them. He’s still part of the family, just not in our house.
  • Brent’s (my husband) mom took these pictures. She’s a photographer.




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  • February 5, 2015 - 12:40 pm

    Christin - So cute! My youngest just turned 2 and I know the bittersweet moment of moving to the big boy bed will be here before I know it. Can’t wait to see what you decide for the twins big kid room!ReplyCancel