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Geocaching Near Tulsa Oklahoma

Geocaching is a hidden gem. You can partake in this activity anywhere near Tulsa, Oklahoma. This week we plan to hike Turkey Mountain & we will be seeking out some of it’s hidden treasures.

Geocaching near Tulsa


Step 1: Gather up the essentials.

  • GPS Device
  • GPS Coordinates of the hidden cache. You can seek those out on the website here.
  • Small treasures to leave in the geocache.

Step 2: Pack up water & snacks. Dress in Appropriate clothing. Most likely you will be climbing around rocks, bushes, etc.

Step 3: Seek out your geocache. Tip: Look for areas that appear out of place. (bundles of sticks, dirt mound, pile of rocks, etc)

Step 4: Find the geocache & open it. You may take something from the geocache, but you must also leave something in place of what you removed. Sometimes there are items inside that are meant to stay.

Step 5: Log it in your log book.


I am working on planting a special MOT geocache and leaving fun goodies behind for your littles so stay tuned! I cannot wait to see what fun geocaches you find near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Make sure to hashtag #MOTGEOCACHE with your fun findings!


I also stumbled upon letterboxing here. Letterboxing is similar to geocaching. If you love to hike Turkey Mountain like we do then you can click here to find the directions to the hidden box.

Geocaching near Tulsa Oklahoma

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