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Jelly Bean Garland

I first made this jelly bean garland last year and decided I wanted to do it this year, too! My kiddos loved it and everyone who came in the house always thought it was so fun!

It really is a three dollar project! I bought three bags of jelly beans. I think I used about 2.5 on this strand. I already had fishing line and a needle. Basically, you just thread it right through. My needle could have been thinner, but it did the job! You might have a little build-up, but you can just wipe it off with a wet paper towel pretty easily.

Knox & Sloane enjoyed watching me, and eating a few jelly beans:)

I feel like garlands can be used for a number of things! I usually have a little holiday tree, so I added some to that. I also thought they looked cute on the chandelier. Knox & Sloane were a bit confused why they couldn’t eat the garland, ha!

This was a VERY inexpensive little DIY. The trees you can find on Heart & Home.

_jelly bean

Jelly bean garland



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