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Kid Friendly Gardens

Imagine starting a kid friendly garden with all your children and having them do all the work!  Sounds intimidating, right?  Well, after reading Lesley’s gardening post, (you can find it here) I felt inspired to create a small fruit and vegetable garden, letting my kiddos do all the planting!   What worked out great, was that we just used a section of our pre-existing flower bed to plant our new veggie plants in.Kid Friendly Gardens 1
MOT garden 6I began by looking up a chart on Pinterest of when to plant certain vegetables/fruits in our zone.   This breakdown made it super simple on what we could pick to grow.  The kids chose the veggies based on what they like to eat, therefore, they chose cauliflower, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and strawberries.  They also decided by the time our cauliflower and brussels sprouts were finished, we could plant cucumbers and sweet potatoes in their location.
MOT garden 2They began by picking out all the weeds, turning over the soil, wetting the dirt, figuring out where to put each plant and digging small holes to place them in.  They added a bit of fertilizer to each hole prior to putting in the plants and followed the planting spatial guide on the label for each plant.

MOT garden 3

I let the kids plant all of them by themselves and create their own plant markers using Popsicle sticks and Sharpies.  One kiddo drew a picture of the fruit/veggie while the other wrote the name, teamwork!
MOT garden 3.5

Now, we will just have to keep them watered.  Luckily for us, we have a sprinkler system that will do it for us; another great reason for building our garden in an existing flowerbed!  Next, we will wait patiently for our yummy food to grow.
MOT garden 4


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