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Local Inspiring Mom: Ashley Ann Campbell

1. Tell us about yourself.

Born and raised in the Tulsa area, my husband and I both have roots that run deep here.  I am a fan of all things creative and messy (except my house, I like it in order). More than anything I am wild about my family. I am passionate about raising my 5 kids to celebrate how unique God made each of them and how that uniqueness can impact their world. In the midst of raising kids, who create wonderful (but messy) chaos, I use photography as a tool to delight in the seemingly not so glamorous moments of life. For nearly 8 years I’ve been blogging at Under the Sycamore. My blog is a random mix of family life, crafting, decorating, advocacy and photography. I also teach online photography courses (called SnapShops), helping others learn the basics of photography to capture the beauty in their days. As a family, we spend the majority of our days on a couple acres relishing the goodness of home.


 2. What does a typical day look like for you?

Most days I wake up when it is still dark and head to Crossfit. It is my favorite way to begin the day. Next it is home for breakfast, which is the same for me every morning. Often when I sit down to eat everyone has already come and go, but my oldest. We homeschool, so our mornings are slow. I love being able to linger at the breakfast table before the hustle of the day begins. Shortly after breakfast, we begin school. The school hours, well it is me homeschooling 5 kids, you can imagine what the school hours are like! In the afternoons, I work on SnapShops and blog related things….which means a million emails. My husband also works from home, so he usually has the kids while I work in the afternoons. Finally, it is dinner, sports practices, and the bedtime routine for the kids.


3. What is your favorite local shop?

Southern Hospitality in Broken Arrow.  April, the owner, is so sweet and creative. I love that she knows me by name and always seems to have exactly what I am looking for regardless of how random it is.


4. What is your favorite restaurant to eat and what is your favorite item on the menu?

This is too hard to answer! I have several favorites, it just depends on what type of food I am in the mood to eat! Here are a few:

Lanna Thai – Pad Thai

Los Cabos – Blue Cheese Quesadillas

Memories of Japan – Sushi

Top Spot Donuts – this is a favorite because I get to meet my grandparents there for our weekly donut date

5. What is your favorite play spot to take your kids?

When my kids were younger we visited lots of parks & playgrounds, but having older kids that has changed. Currently, we like to visit new places instead of routinely going to the same spot. Pretty much anywhere with good hiking trails becomes a new favorite. Locally, we head to Redbud Valley, Oxley Nature Center and Ray Harrell Nature Park fairly often. We are more of an outside, rustic family than urban….it works better with 5 kids!

TulsaACampbell-036. Can you share with us two of your favorite Instagram accounts and/or blogs that inspire you on a daily basis?

Being in the blogging/photography world, I am constantly inspired as a photographer by so many of my friends. So, I am going to go with two Instagram accounts not related to photography. The first is my friend Amanda (amandarydell) for all things crafty and painted. The second is Humans of New York (humansofny). I love hearing the stories of people, humansofny lets me peek into the stories of so many diverse people.

Under the  Sycamore – 

SnapShop Photography Workshops –         

Instagram @underthesycamore

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