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Local Inspiring Mom: Dr. Sarah Fox Broermann

1.  Tell us about yourself.

I am a mom.  A pediatric dentist.  A wife, sister, and friend.  I met my husband in dental school and the rest of my life began.  The last decade has been busy.  Really busy.  After moving to Tulsa to be closer to my two bonus children (Brenden 16 and Colin 15) Jeff and I acquired a busy pediatric dental office (Fox & Broermann).  I love that I get to work every day side by side with my best friend, doing what makes me most happy.

Obviously, I LOVE kids.  Jeff and I are parents to Beau (almost 9), Bennett “Gray” (7), Quinn (5) and twin dream boats:  August and Liev (4 months).  Most of my “free” time is devoted to getting these boys to their activities and making memories.  At work I am focused, organized, and the leader of our 20 plus employees.  At home I enjoy snuggling, reading, cooking and loving on my family.



2.  What does  a typical day look like for you? 

I usually wake up around 6 a.m. to Jeff leaving for the office.  He delivers me a hot cup of coffee to get the day going.  I must have coffee!  I have transitioned to exclusively pumping breast milk for the twins so this forces me to sit down and enjoy my coffee and chat with my early riser, Beau.  (I usually log about 7 pumping sessions throughout the span of a day).  After this I frantically run around to get myself ready for the day.  Thankfully, I have some amazing help at the house to be able to walk out of the door by 7:30.

7:45 starts the day at the office with a morning huddle about the day’s activity.  Being a pediatric dentist is the best job…I get to take care of little kids while having fun.  Of course there are serious and tough moments, but for the most part it allows us to be light hearted and a little bit silly!

By 5:45 I am usually walking back into the house to tackle the evening.  This usually involves transporting someone to and from sports (track, tennis, basketball, baseball, or soccer) and then sitting down to eat as a family.  This is a huge priority for me – and most nights it happens.

By 7:15 we start the evening ritual for the babies.  Once bath time is completed and bottles are fed I do a once over on homework and try to clean up.  By 9:00 I am getting out of the bath and ready to wind down before starting all over tomorrow.




3.  What is your favorite local shop?

Hmmmmm?  This is hard.  I can honestly say I don’t do much shopping right now.  Almost everything is online.  (,, and

T.A. Lorton for some home pretties
On a Whim for gifts and Clothes
Mod50s Modern – a great place to find mid-century treasure



4.  Favorite restaurant to eat and item on the menu?

Ok, this is really hard because I love to eat.

Stonehorse – Salad Nicoise with house chips and guacamole
The Hen Bistro – Marinated Olives and Pomme Frites with truffle herb
Helen of Troy – Fattoush Salad
India Palace – Gobi Manchurian and Bhindi Masala
Upper Crust – pizza with proscuitto and arugula and Cookie pie for dessert


5.  Favorite play spot to take your kids?

The Children’s Museum is always a fun spot.

Since I have so many active boys we love spending time outside.  We recently discovered hiking Turkey Mountain and love it!  When the weather is nice we like to go to Guthrie Green.  It is a perfect win/win for grownups and kids.  We spread out a blanket, eat yummy food from Lucky’s or the food trucks, and watch the boys play.


6.  Favorite Instagram accounts and/or blogs that inspire you on a daily basis?

Can I say Jenny Collier?  I love her recent post on 6 week meal planning.  Yessss!  Last time I saw her in person I begged her to come help me decorate for the next holiday at my house!

Mimi Thorrison (Mimithor) food blogger of Manger.  She makes beautiful French food and her husband photographer takes amazing pictures of her and her 7 kids and 14 dogs.  Amazing.

Instagram – Hollyhugs.  This momma has boy/girl twins that just turned one.  I love seeing her true to life pics of her adorable babies!  It gives me hope for the days that come.

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