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Local Inspiring Mom: Madison Vining

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I’m Madison Vining. I’m a photographer & blogger here in Tulsa, and I love all things adventurous, trips to Target, eating mashed potatoes, essential oils, foster care & adoption, and I am an aspiring country girl. My husband, 4 kiddos & I currently live in South Tulsa but are in the process of moving onto acreage and taking a stab at the simple life.


1. What does a typical day look like for you?

We have small kiddos (the youngest two who we adopted 7 months apart in 2014… those stories here and here) so my mornings start loud & crazy. Everyone needs something, and they need it right now : ) My husband stays home with us and we are not rigid schedule people, so after everyone is fed & happy we pretty much hang out, maybe go on an adventure (lately we like to explore the creek at Hunter Park), and chill out until the babies’ nap. During nap-time is when my intern comes over and I squeeze in some work. The kiddos love to play on the trampoline with their ducks and do “ninja training” with their dad (more on that here). We like to grill out, have friends over, and take it pretty easy. I don’t know if we have “typical” days, but those are things we do pretty much every day.MomT2W

2. What is your favorite local shop?

I don’t leave my house or shop much but I do love Ida Red, Anthropologie, and Must Stash.

3. What is your favorite restaurant to eat and what is your favorite item on the menu?

We love to eat at Yokozuna and my favorite roll there is the Hot Mess. We also love El Guapo, The Brook, Waterfront Grill after church (their Eggs Benedict is awesome!) and we love Marley’s Pizza. If you haven’t had their chicken alfredo pizza, you should get on that.


4. What is your favorite play spot to take your kids?

As I mentioned earlier we love to explore the creek at Hunter Park (I think it’s actually kind of a ditch, but that’s neither here nor there). We bring cups to catch minnows, and we always end up soaking wet and caked in mud. We also spend a lot of time at our cousins’ land riding 4-wheelers, chasing chickens, and going up in their planes. The Aquarium is another favorite that we like to squeeze in from time to time. We also love The Air Port trampoline park.


5. Can you share with us your favorite Instagram accounts and/or blogs that inspire you on a daily basis?

I follow a ton of inspiring mamas on Instagram. I’m constantly in awe at peoples’ creativity, heart, & hustle. My favorites lately are @shereadstruth, @underthesycamore, @livesweetphotography, @gracelaced, and @terynphoto.

Thanks for having me today, Moms of Tulsa!

Blog: Madison Vining Photography | Instagram: @madisonviningblog

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