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Local Inspiring Mom: Michelle Evans

Tell us about yourself.

First and foremost I am a believer. Putting God first and letting Him lead my path is the single most important life lesson I’ve learned. Having a servant’s heart and loving people is key to a happy life. Together for 7 years and happily married for 3, my heart belongs to my husband Heath, a proud Dad and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who practices at Eastern Oklahoma Oralmax Surgery. Who would have known that a cute boy I went to middle school with would turn out to be my Prince Charming? We have a little girl named Camden who was born in New York where my husband and I lived for 4 wonderful years. I am Mrs. America full-time and a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse part-time. I’m busy, busy, busy, but loving life!

MOT Michelle Evans / Local Inspiring Mom 11. What does a typical day look like for you?

Juggling being a wife, mother to a toddler, having a career and now making appearances definitely has its challenges, but this is an opportunity that has a limited time frame. I spend a lot of time working with my platform of prescription drug abuse and drug awareness. I travel and share how I’ve dealt with losing a brother to addiction and how it’s a growing epidemic nationally. Recently, it has been meeting with city officials about ways to improve the Tulsa area, speaking at schools and organizations, working on my own website and I  just finished competing in the Mrs. World competition. I also enjoy spending time with children, whether its volunteering at the Little Light House or promoting reading at a story time making a little one smile is worth every second. I try to plan trips and speaking engagements during my daughter’s school days or when Grandmas are available. My husband and I recently got back from Russia for a media tour for Mrs. America. Family is my top priority so I make the most of Mother’s Day Out days and nap-time.

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2. What is your favorite local shop?

Black Sheep Boutique in The Farm shopping center, I love it. They have comfy Oklahoma sweatshirts that I live in and the boutique also offers an array of more dressy appearance outfits.    You will also rarely find me without a Rustic Cuff on. I love representing Oklahoma and supporting local shops.

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4. What is your favorite restaurant to eat and what is your favorite item on the menu?

Do I have to choose one?
Zoes Kitchen –  Chicken Kabobs for a quick dinner.
I love KEO – Mi Siam with added veggies.
Mi Cocina has ridiculously good Spinach Enchiladas.

5. What is your favorite play spot to take your daughter?

I love Story Time at the local libraries. My daughter gets to interact with kids and sing songs and then we can go find some books and sit together in a corner. My daughter loves to read and frankly I get bored reading the same books at home.

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Website: Drug Free OK

Instagram: @michelle_evans

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