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Oklahoma Polar Express Train Ride

Christmas is approaching, quickly! Can you believe there are less than 7 weeks until Christmas? All holidays have special meaning to each of us. They are typically different from person to person/family to family; one thing all of our families have in common is having traditions.

Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride

Traditions are important to me, and I know they are also important to other Moms. I remember so many of my childhood traditions, in which, I have continued with my kiddos. Christmas holds the most for me and my family. We choose to “believe.” Santa is fun for my kids! He is a “magical” man with much more meaning to him other than the man who brings exciting presents on Christmas morning.1788

By choice, we visit Santa each year, at the same location and they still give out the same cookies as when I was a little girl. It secretly makes me smile and remember being little. We dance around the grounds with the Nutcracker scenes, reading the story aloud as go. As we pass our favorite stores window shopping, sipping our hot chocolate from a nearby coffee shop, we snap a million pictures. It’s tradition, it’s what we do!


Last Christmas we decided to try something new, the Oklahoma Polar Express Train Ride, and we fell in love!  After a short drive to Bristow, Oklahoma; the experience begins as the conductor calls out “All aboard!” while punching the children’s golden tickets. You find your seats and pull out of the station, heading towards the North Pole. You will listen to the Polar Express story as the book’s characters come to life. They serve hot cocoa and cookies as the train travels to pick up Santa from the “North Pole”, which is seen by window view. On the way back to the station, Christmas carols are sung and there is an individual, quick visit from Santa, whom gives each child a sweet gift. We choose the cheaper seats last year, but this year, we are going big… First Class! If you have not experienced this magical experience in Oklahoma, you definitely need to check it out. It is absolutely a memory that will your children will have for many years to come.

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Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride 4Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride 3Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride 9Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride 8Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride 5Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride 6Moms of Tulsa Polar Express Train Ride 7The Oklahoma Polar Express Train Ride is located in Bristow, Oklahoma. It is magical and very exciting for the kids! We really enjoyed it, and we look forward to returning this year. Tickets are already on sale for 2015. Train rides begin November 13, 2015- and run until December 27, 2015 with multiple options on seating and timing. You can click here to find out more information about tickets, prices and times.

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