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Organic Banana Popsicles

Reasor’s has picked up a new organic baby food line called Amara, and I’m totally digging it! This is the first company to change the way baby food is processed and packaged, and it’s really innovative! Most jars and pouches are exposed to high levels of heat and pasteurization, causing loss of nutrients. Amara uses a unique drying technique that doesn’t subject the food to those high levels of heat, and helps it retain all those important vitamins and minerals. They don’t use any fillers or preservatives, and its organic and GMO free. The pouches are filled with real ingredients you find in your kitchen, and nothing else.

 Organic Banana Popsicles

They are little pouches of powder that you mix with a few tablespoons of water, formula, or breast milk (they are perfect for travelers). I think there is unlimited potential to use these in everyday cooking and snacks for both babies and toddlers. The taste is fantastic and it’s so simple, what an easy way to add the nutrients of fruit without the time frame of fresh fruit going bad.


The girls and I taste tested the banana powder mixed with 1/4 cup of water, and we all loved it. It tastes like a perfectly ripened, smashed banana, sweet and slightly tart, even the texture was the same. I popped some of the mixture into a Popsicle mold and froze it, so healthy, so simple, so good. Sophia gave it two thumbs up!


These are also PERFECT natural sweeteners for smoothies and protein shakes. I normally use a sweetened vegan protein shake, but when I use whey protein, I have to add a sweetener or I cant get it down, this would be a perfect natural sweetener! Check out their website or visit your local Tulsa area Reasor’s to check out all the flavors Amara or visit their website

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