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A new year can bring on lots of new (or even bring back old) lifestyle changes for people, especially moms! Whether it’s eating right better, hitting the gym more, or maybe just getting one less coffee, we all seem to strive to become a little bit better than we were before. But what if we did more than that? What if we did something to make our whole household better? “Wendy are you INSANE?! Do you know how much I already try to balance with this whole mother-of-the-year gig I have going????!” Girl, I get it. Trust me! Dishes are piled in my sink, the dirty laundry piles are in every room except the laundry room, & we barely make it to school or even bed on time…EVER. But this one post could change your lives!



Parabens. Phthalates. Propylene Glycol. Synthetic fragrance. Synthetic colors. DEA…I could keep going. Side effects. Allergies. Diseases. Serious conditions. Fertility issues. CANCER. Developmental problems…the possibilities are endless! These are just some of the things that I am continually learning about from something almost all of us use in our daily lives…products. Everything from household cleaners, detergents, all the way to hair care, body care, baby care items (that includes diapers), and makeup. Product knowledge is a HUGE topic that can be both interesting and exhausting all at the same time (sometimes I think it would be easier to just grab something off of a store shelf and not even think about looking at the list of ingredients on the label or doing any research first)! But it is a topic I have been looking into for almost F I F T E E N years now.

I do not say that so you will think I am an expert (because that could not be further from the truth..) nor do I say it to get you to buy anything by the end of this post! I tell you to show you that I am continually learning and finding new things out all. the. time. Just when I think I have my household in the clear, I learn about something totally new and at times, makes me feel like I am back to square one! But, I do know that ANY improvements made are completely better than where we could be. This quest all started for me when my Memaw got really sick. I’ll never forget one of her doctors telling her, she needed to do this, that, & to really pay attention to the ingredients of anything she was putting on her body. “Your skin is your largest organ. Everything you put on it, goes into your bloodstream and is processed through your liver…” You can imagine as a young high school teenage girl, I was in awe. I also remember thinking if someone who is seriously ill needs to pay attention, shouldn’t we all? My journey officially started at that very moment.

Fast forward a few years to 2007 and my interest in “what exactly is in our products,” only grew when I attended cosmetology school. How can a licensed cosmetologist be speaking about such things? Part already aware, followed with a thirst for wanting to know more, and an open mind! I will forever be grateful for signing up for a product knowledge class that was not required. It was in this extra class I learned about a product line at the time, that was created by a man whose friend was fighting cancer. Her doctors gave her a list of ingredients to avoid and she could not ever find any professional products that fit the list! So he created a product line. Ironically, it was sold to a major well known brand, even more money was made, and just like I suspected, formulas were changed. But if it wasn’t for the first part of that story, I would have never started learning about parabens, phthalates, etc!

I would say the current part of my journey got kicked into overdrive in the past five years. First when I became pregnant with our daughter (continuing after she was born too) and then that next year when my husband contracted TWO diseases from one tiny tick. Those two events have pushed me to where I am today! Now does that mean our home or even life is completely free of all things bad? Absolutely not! But I have made HUGE improvements from where I started. If you are on this journey too or the least bit curious about further information, feel free to check out The Honest Life by Jessica Alba, Skin Deep, Think Dirty app, or you can even contact me! Like I said, I do not know everything and I might not have all of the answers, but I am happy to help in any way that I can! Learning and educating yourself is the first step in making lasting new lifestyle changes, followed by deciding what is best for you and your household.

Now if I could only find a new lifestyle change that helps with the dishes and all of that laundry… Happy Friday friends!

*I have not been paid or sponsored by any of the links mentioned above. These items are just personal favorites of mine that are full of information that I enjoy.

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