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Stylish Petites | Holiday Style

Tis the season for holiday gatherings, updated or yearly family photos, Santa visits, & the most stylish petites on the the block! Simply à Deux is a brand new clothing line hand sewn right here in Oklahoma with the most amazing fabric options. Quality, complete customization, & timeless pieces make for lasting, heirloom-esk clothing for your little girls (boys launch in Spring 2016!).


While we can appreciate many boutiques, name brands, or even big box stores for children’s clothing, sometimes there is a lot of added value and quality that you cannot get from just anywhere, especially for all of life’s special moments. The dresses from the Simply à Deux limited edition Christmas Collection would be the perfect addition for all things jolly this season! Even one of their adorable capes would make the perfect gift for that little girl who already has everything. Not to mention the capes are not only stylish and warm, but they are also saving mom from the coat vs. carseat/buckle battle we’ve all come to loathe… (simplifying-life-moms UNITE!)

Whatever your holiday style or gifting needs this season, the wonderful mother-daughter duo of Simply à Deux is sure to bring you timeless pieces that will delight long after the last of the Christmas decorations finally make it back into storage! And for this sentimental momma, so much joy fills my heart just knowing these pieces will go to my future grandkids, great-grands, & beyond!

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