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Summer Activity Center

My kids are busy! They move from one activity to the next before I can blink, therefore, it is so hard for me to keep up with them. I decided to clear out a small area in the corner of my living room and create an activity center for them. I added a table with chairs and a small rolling cart. I used a nook sized table and chairs, but if your kiddo’s are small, you could use a miniature sized table and chairs. My rolling cart is from IKEA, but they have similar carts at Target, you can check those out, here. I placed this summer activity center in my living room because they do not like to be in a room where I am not, annoying, but true. I try to take it as a compliment! This fun, summer activity center takes 15 minutes to set up and saves you hours of time digging out supplies and toys for your kiddos throughout the day.

Moms of Tulsa Summer Activity Center

Moms of Tulsa Summer Activity Center

We took a trip to Barnes and Noble to find some summer workbooks and a couple of books to read throughout the summer. After searching the isles, I decided on Scholastic, Summer Express Workbook for each of them. I bought it for the grade level above, so it was more of a challenge versus a repeat of what they already know. It is organized into 10 weeks and days 1-5 per week. The books are SUPER EASY to follow, and there are sticker charts for them to mark their progress. The weeks are a mix of subjects, which I like because it enhances all areas of learning throughout the week rather than one subject at a time, like most workbooks I have used in the past summers.

Moms of Tulsa Summer Activity Center 3

On the cart, (or you can use a bookshelf), I have placed their workbooks, plain paper, reading books, a few card games, a giant floor puzzle, a small puzzle, blocks inside a storage tin, tinker toys, magnetic tiles, princess domino’s, a matching game, and a table top supply organizer with glue, glue sticks, scissors, twine, markers, Crayolas, pens and pencils. I plan to rotate a few toys throughout the weeks and add more books as we move through the summer.

Now, I can do my chores while they play with educational toys, uninterrupted!

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