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A new year can bring on lots of new (or even bring back old) lifestyle changes for people, especially moms! Whether it’s eating right better, hitting the gym more, or maybe just getting one less coffee, we all seem to strive to become a little bit better than we were before. But what if we did more than that? What if we did something to make our whole household better? “Wendy are you INSANE?! Do you know how much I already try to balance with this whole mother-of-the-year gig I have going????!” Girl, I get it. Trust me! Dishes are piled in my sink, the dirty laundry piles are in every room except the laundry room, & we barely make it to school or even bed on time…EVER. But this one post could change your lives!


As we welcome a brand New Year and plan for the future, we cannot help but also reminisce about the past. Are you a mom, like me, who has photos of your kiddos from nearly every day? Have you looked back at the highlight reel of 2015 and wish you would’ve snapped even more? As a mom and professional photographer I, Melissa Click, take a lot of photos of children. Despite the quantity I treasure of my own children, it never fails that I look back and wish I would’ve captured more “keepers”. Based on experience with my own two children and interacting those of my clients, here I’m happy to share my best tips for capturing quality portraits of your children. Cheers to documenting your fresh new year successfully!

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