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Top Camera Gear for Moms

Christmas is the perfect time to add a digital SLR camera to your wishlist.  With all of the choices out there what do you buy?  Today, I am sharing the top camera gear for Moms.

top camera gear for moms

1.  Canon Rebel SL1 – The Canon Rebel SL1 is the smallest of the Canon Rebel series.  I suggest buying the body only which means not purchasing a kit containing a lens.  The reason being that the kit lenses are just poor quality.  They offer a variable aperture which means, when learning to shoot in manual mode, that your aperture changes as you zoom in.  It truly makes it much more difficult to learn on.  They also don’t offer a low aperture which make it difficult when shooting indoors or in low light.  After teaching 4 years of our Mamarazzi of Tulsa class nearly every mama ditches the kit lens and purchases one of the two lenses that we suggest below.  Trust me on this one and don’t waste your money!

2.  Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens – Instead of the kit lens I highly recommend purchasing a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.  The low aperture allows for that blurry background that we all know and love.  It also allows for great quality images in low light.  It is, by far, the cheapest lens that you will find…and one of the best.  You, however, are the zoom so if you are shooting many sports events from the stands or need a bit of a zoom consider the Tamron lens listed below instead.

3.  Eyefi Memory Card – This memory card is genius.  The perfect thing to buy someone with a new digital SLR or someone who has had one for some time.  It connects to an app on your smartphone and will download all of your pictures there.  Great to share instantly on social media!

4.  Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 Lens – This focal length is my very favorite.  Being the mom of two kids I need the ability to zoom in and out while shooting them and to be inconspicuous…not right in their faces.  The great benefit of this zoom lens over the kit lens is that it has a set aperture.  It remains the same whether you zoom in or out.  What you want to avoid is that variable aperture that reads 3.5-5.6 when purchasing a lens.  And…the lower aperture the better.  I do not buy a lens unless it stops down to at least a 2.8 aperture.  This one fits the bill and since it’s a third party lens it’s $1,500 cheaper than the Canon version!

5.  White Balance Lens Cap – White balance helps to remove color casts in your photos.  If you’ve ever had that dreaded yellow cast on your photos due to artificial light you’ll know how important this little gem is.  This lens cap helps to achieve custom white balance easily!

6.  Lightscoop – The deer in headlights look of flash is something that we want to avoid.  The lightscoop is a reflector that will help images, in which you use flash, disperse light in a way that seems natural.  This is a must have if you plan to use on camera flash!

7.  Tripod – This tripod is much more versatile than the traditional tripod.  It is, not only, portable but the lens also bend to allow you take photos just about anywhere!

8.  480ex II Speedlight – If you are looking for an external flash I recommend this one.  Great power as well as the ability to bounce light off of ceilings and/or walls for a natural look.

9.  Remote – What mom doesn’t say they want IN more photos with their children?  This remote (and the tripod listed above) are the answer!

10.  Mini Reflector – A reflector is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to great lighting in images.  This mini reflector is genius and a must have in my book.

There is a definite learning curve when it comes to digital SLR cameras.  We all want photos that produce that beautiful, blurry background that seem so professional.  So, when we get dark and blurry images we can get frustrated…and fast.  In our Mamarazzi of Tulsa workshop we tell our students that if you don’t learn how to use your digital SLR camera that you, essentially, just bought a $700 point and shoot camera.  For information on our workshops click over to our website.  Gift certificates for the holidays & online options available.


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  • December 4, 2014 - 6:32 pm

    Kristen S. - Thank you for this awesome list! That lens is on my wish list. On a photography related topic, how to you calibrate your computer screen to get the best true to life color. Also, does what you see on screen tend to be what you see on the actual print. I use Mpix to print all of my personal photos. I am not a professional, just an mom trying to capture every day images of her kids. :) Thanks so much!!ReplyCancel