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Valentine Sensory Sink

Sensory play is one of my favorite activities to do with my daughter. She loves being in the kitchen with me, and loves being able to play while I cook. We all know the importance of sensory play and how it contributes in crucial ways of brain development. Stimulating the senses sends signals to a child’s brain that helps to strengthen neural pathways, which is important for all types of learning. This Valentine themed sensory sink is a super easy, affordable and a fun activity for both little kids and older ones to enjoy!Valentine Sensory Sink 1

Supplies Needed:

Dish Soap

Liquid Washable Watercolor
**You could use food coloring instead of the liquid watercolor. However, food coloring will stain clothes! I knew this would be an activity that we could use for rainy days, holidays, etc. so I went ahead and purchased the liquid, washable watercolor.

Hand mixer


Junk drawer treasures (I just rounded up a few pink and red toys that I had around the house that I knew could get wet. I also tried to grab a few things that would sink and a few things that would float — another teachable moment.)

Instructions:   Place stopper in sink. Fill the sink a little less than half way with warm water.  Add a 2/3 cup of dawn dish soap. You will need to adjust the amount of soap depending on the amount of water you are going to use/how large your sink is.

Valentine Sensory Sink 2Stir soap with wooden spoon so that the dish soap won’t settle at the bottom. If you are using a hand mixer, you will want to start mixing the soap and the water in the sink. Mix for 1 minute with hand mixer.

Valentine Sensory Sink 2

Add a tablespoon of liquid watercolor. You can use multiple colors or just one… it’s totally up to you. I used red & purple because this was a Valentine themed activity.Valentine Sensory Sink 4Mix again with hand mixer for another minute. You will know when you are finished mixing if the foam is able to form stiff peaks that hold their shape. There will be little to no water left, just big soapy bubbles.

Valentine Sensory Sink 5Add toys and voila! A Valentine easy, sensory sink for hours of fun!Valentine Sensory Sink 7Valentine Sensory Sink 8One of the best things about this activity is the clean up… just rinse all the toys, lay them out to dry, and rise the sink!Valentine Sensory Sink 8Valentine Sensory Sink 9Valentine Sensory Sink 10

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