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Ways to get in more photos with your children

As a Mom who loves to photograph her children I feel like there are very few photos with me in them.  Most of the time I prefer it this way.  But, I know as my children grow into adults they will cherish those rare photos with Mom.  So, I am making it a point to be in more photos with my children…for their sake.  Today, I am sharing with you some tips on ways to get in more photos with your children.

How to get in the shot with your kids

When using a digital SLR camera two things come in handy for getting in more photos with your children when there isn’t someone else to hand the camera off to; a tripod and a camera remote.  A tripod isn’t absolutely necessary when using your camera remote but it helps to ensure you have your camera set to the right height.  A camera remote is a wonderful invention.  You set your camera on your tripod, turn on your camera timer, and then simply use the remote to depress the shutter once you are in front of the lens.  I especially love that you can set the camera remote to allow a few seconds before the shutter releases so it gives you time to drop the remote and interact.

How to get in more photos with your kids

When it comes to your iPhone there are some special features and accessories that you can use to have a variety of shots instead of just the typical up close and personal selfie.  One, is using the self timer button on newer iPhone versions.  This allows you to place your phone on a table or set it up on an iPhone tripod, and run to get in the shot.  Another tool that seems to get a lot of flack is the selfie stick.  The great thing about the selfie stick is that it comes with a remote shutter similar to what I explained with the digital SLR camera.

Get in the shot with your kids

Try out some of these tips and get in a photo with your children.  You will appreciate it later!

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