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Your Top 100 List

There are all kinds of 100 list ideas out there, for example: the ‘100 thing challenge’, ‘100 foods to try’, ‘100 things to do before I die’, 100 things… Reading about all these lists, I was inspired to create my own Top 100 List.  I decided to take some “me time” and create a list of 100 things that I love. I titled it, “My Love List”.Mom

This particular list is all about me, and I was able to reflect on myself; something I don’t get to do very often.

I woke up a bit early one morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and sat down alone with my numbered list.  It was intimidating staring at a such a large number of lines, but once I got started, it was simple! Before everyone woke up, I already had it filled in.  It really gave me perspective about all of the unnecessary fluff in my life and helped redirect my focus on all that I love.

Will some of my list change throughout the years? Yes, but for now, it’s fun too see what really means the most to me.  Not only is it something for me to look back on, but my kids have enjoyed reading “My Love List”.  You can keep it personal or you can share the love.  I’ve decided to keep it within my shadow box so they can keep it forever with my other treasured items.

I challenge you to take some time for yourself, pour a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and write your Top 100 List.

You can download a free printable of the blank list here and here. Just click and print!

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Veronica Beeler is a sister to 4, momma to 3, teacher to 2, and wife to 1. She has a love for home decor, shifting furniture, crafting, and kids. She home-schools and collects globes and couches... yep, you read that right, couches! The old, smelly, well-loved ones are the best. She spends her weekends with her sisters catching up on chores, planning events, doing/building projects, and running all over Tulsa with their bambinos.